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Understanding today's societal changes requires real-time data.
Using artificial intelligence, Citibeats transforms people's opinions into insights you can use to make better decisions, faster.


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By giving a voice to the people, we aim to bring humanity back into decision-making. Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, our state-of-the-art ethical AI platform collects, structures, and analyzes unstructured text data for up-to-the-minute insight into citizens' questions, concerns, problems, and needs. Our platform is easily adaptable, language agnostic, all-inclusive, fast, smart, and ethical.




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Cutting-Edge Technology

Easily Adaptable

Anyone on your team can easily access and use Citibeats' platform.

Language Agnostic

Citibeats analyzes any language, dialect, slang, and new, local, or domain-specific vocabulary to extend your projects across geographies and communities.


Citibeats integrates and centralizes huge quantities of data for greater coverage than surveys at a fraction of the cost.


Our AI structures multilingual data in minutes to detect social trends quickly.


Our models are trained on public source data for social understanding instead of brand monitoring, allowing for greater precision, coverage, and meaningful analysis.


Citibeats interprets collective data to protect individual privacy and only allows platform access to causes with a positive social impact.

Customer Solutions

Our packages cover many of today's most relevant topics, but our platform is also highly adaptable to cater to your organization's unique research objectives. 

  • Gender Equality

  • Migration

  • Sustainability

  • Vaccine

  • Special Projects & Observatories

Gender Equality

Screenshots displaying different Gender Equality statistics from Citibeats

Women around the world face grave inequalities in virtually every facet of their public and private lives. Gender Equality Analysis for the private sector and the public sector help detect and interpret social early warning signs.

Private SectorPublic Sector


Screenshots displaying different Gender Equality statistics from Citibeats

As the world changes at a breakneck pace, migration patterns shift, generating social and economic side effects. Migration Risk Analysis explores the needs, experiences, and concerns of migrants.

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Screenshots displaying different Gender Equality statistics from Citibeats

The UN SDGs set an ambitious blueprint for a more sustainable world. Sustainability Market Analysis interprets social development and environmental protection market trends to help shape your strategies.

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Screenshots displaying different Gender Equality statistics from Citibeats

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the importance of accurate, timely information. Vaccine Demand Analysis paints a picture of vaccine acceptance and gives insight into concerns, doubts, and misinformation.

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Special Projects & Observatories

Screenshots displaying different Gender Equality statistics from Citibeats

Special projects & observatories analyze multifaceted topics based on the client's specific needs and goals. 

  • Complex analysis of pandemic concerns, misinformation, and disinformation 
  • Broader coverage of infrastructure priorities after a natural disaster
  • Consumer protection early warning system
  • Social needs monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Online hate speech detection for efficient action
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Trusted by governments, multilateral organizations, and Fortune Global 500 companies. 

Listening to understand citizens' needs contains the seed for innovation because every innovation that has become a great business has the unavoidable condition of responding to people's real needs. Flavia Milano, Team Leader • Operations • Civil Society Senior Specialist, IDB
Citibeats AI technology really helped us show how public social media posts and Facebook Data for Good surveys can unlock valuable information for social impact. Samhir Vasdev, Program Manager • Social Impact Partnerships at Facebook
Citibeats helps us quantitatively grasp what goes on locally and the severity of problems that exist within a community. We can derive community insights more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Hiroya Kamo, Executive Manager • Life Digital Division at NTT Data
Here's why I think Citibeats is important: The social media ecosystem is a mess. You cannot have an expert to understand what is going on because things just move too fast. You are missing important things and you don't even know what you are losing. I am not an expert, and we don't need an expert: I spent half a day to set it up and got the results during the next weeks. It was amazing! Dr. Alessio Antonini • MK Insight
Thanks to the pioneering technology of Citibeats, we get people's opinions and feelings so B2B customers and public administrations can make decisions about proactive and preventive measures to respond to them. No doubt, the easy implementation and rapid learning speed of its algorithm is a differential value in its offering. Gemma Oliver Campins • Telefónica
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