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Using artificial intelligence, Citibeats’ platform transforms people's opinions into insights you can use to make better decisions, faster.

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MAY 22-26

Citibeats will attend the
World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland

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Citibeats honored as a
Technology Pioneer 2022 by the
World Economic Forum.

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Date: May 25 | Time: 9:30 A.M. EDT / 3:30 P.M. CET

Innovate4Climate (I4C)
- World Bank Event

Citibeats will lead a workshop about Social Big Data Analysis and Ethical AI at Innovate4Climate (I4C), the World Bank Group’s flagship climate action event.

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Become a sustainability expert by listening and understanding millions of voices in real time.

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Citibeats recognized as one of the 5 best digital startups in the world

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Discover how Citibeats' artificial intelligence positively impacted society in 2021.

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Have access to millions of voices to understand societal changes in real time.

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Citibeats' Platform


Our artificial intelligence platform covers many of today's most relevant topics: from sustainable cities to citizen security, from migration to climate change & biodiversity, and more.

With our monitoring tools, you can become a leader in sustainability and social development and align your growth and reputation with the UN SDGs framework.

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Bring Humanity to

By giving a voice to the people, we aim to bring humanity back into decision-making. Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, our state-of-the-art ethical AI platform collects, structures, and analyzes unstructured text data for up-to-the-minute insight into citizens' questions, concerns, problems, and needs. Our platform—the only one in the world designed specifically to enact positive social impact—is easily adaptable, language-agnostic, all-inclusive, fast, smart, and ethical.

Partners That Trust Citibeats' Platform

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Just Look at the Results!

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Days Earlier

The Citibeats platform delivers opinion-based data from the public 90 days earlier than traditional methods.

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Voices Represented

The platform leverages under-utilized feedback from citizens and consumers that can now influence decisions.

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Organizations in more than 50 countries use Citibeats to inform decisions and influence policy.

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Citibeats has informed more than $1 billion in social risk mitigation decisions in the public and private sectors.

Monitoring Tools

Our packages cover many of today's most relevant topics, but our platform is also highly adaptable to cater to your organization's unique research objectives. 


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Sustainability Platform

The Sustainability Monitor offers you real-time insights into citizens’ needs, opinions, and concerns around sustainability and climate change.

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Our Clients, Partners, and Investors:

Citibeats’ Platform: Social Understanding, Not Just Social Listening

Citibeats’ platform is unique in its ability to mitigate bias, evolve, and focus on people so you can identify trends and narratives in real time. 


Social Understanding

Listening Tools 

People oriented

Branding oriented

Monitors micro-narratives based on content in real time

Monitor keywords

Mitigates bias

Don't mitigate bias 

Evolutive learning from a few seed words

Don't learn or adapt over time

Multilingual intent detectors

Sentiment detector

Comparison chart for Citibeats and other social listening tools


Trusted by governments, multilateral organizations, and Fortune Global 500 companies. 

Thanks to the pioneering technology of Citibeats, we get people's opinions and feelings so B2B customers and public administrations can make decisions about proactive and preventive measures to respond to them. No doubt, the easy implementation and rapid learning speed of its algorithm is a differential value in its offering. Gemma Oliver Campins • Telefónica
Listening to understand citizens' needs contains the seed for innovation because every innovation that has become a great business has the unavoidable condition of responding to people's real needs. Flavia Milano, Team Leader • Operations • Civil Society Senior Specialist, IDB
Citibeats AI technology really helped us show how public social media posts and Facebook Data for Good surveys can unlock valuable information for social impact. Samhir Vasdev, Program Manager • Social Impact Partnerships at Facebook
Citibeats helps us quantitatively grasp what goes on locally and the severity of problems that exist within a community. We can derive community insights more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Hiroya Kamo, Executive Manager • Life Digital Division at NTT Data
Here's why I think Citibeats is important: The social media ecosystem is a mess. You cannot have an expert to understand what is going on because things just move too fast. You are missing important things and you don't even know what you are losing. I am not an expert, and we don't need an expert: I spent half a day to set it up and got the results during the next weeks. It was amazing! Dr. Alessio Antonini • MK Insight


Citibeats is growing! We need skilled and motivated professionals to help us reach our goals.

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Learn more about using the Citibeats platform to its maximum potential. 

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