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What do Argentines talk about when they talk about AI?

Citibeats and UNDP Argentina have joined forces to delve into the primary concerns held by Argentines when it comes to AI, particularly in light of AI tools gaining wider acceptance among the broader public.


The news about ChatGPT meant a milestone in the popularization of artificial intelligence (AI) and the possibility for an active use of it. This impact has been so important that, perhaps, in the future, we will remember the day we first heard about ChatGPT, just as we remember historical moments such as the landing of man on the Moon. The irreversible change that AI is producing in our lives is happening at a faster rate than any other revolutionary inventions. However, its effects will not be the same for everyone. This generates both excitement and concern. Therefore, we wonder: how did Argentines receive the massification of AI tools?  Did specific themes arise in the public conversation associated with them?


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Behavioral screening of Large Language Models

The success of  Large Natural-Language Models (LLMs) has been getting more and more dramatic during recent years. It has, even, led to a torrent of new AI applications outside of the NLP field. Alas, this success is afflicted by the models’ inability to prove that their predictions were made on good premises. We know their inputs, outputs, and how likely it is for the outputs to be correct, but we still don’t have a clear understanding of what happens in between. 

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