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Behavioral screening of Large Language Models

The success of  Large Natural-Language Models (LLMs) has been getting more and more dramatic during recent years. It has, even, led to a torrent of new AI applications outside of the NLP field. Alas, this success is afflicted by the models’ inability to prove that their predictions were made on good premises. We know their inputs, outputs, and how likely it is for the outputs to be correct, but we still don’t have a clear understanding of what happens in between. 

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Using AI to Empower Jamaican Youth for the Future of Work

The increasing adoption of digital technologies is rapidly transforming the global economy, significantly impacting the labor market. To meet current and evolving industry demands, young people need the relevant skills — an area in which traditional education and vocational training programs fall short. The situation is particularly challenging for low-income and under-employed youth in developing countries, who face significant obstacles to accessing quality education and training opportunities.

The "Jamaican Youth through Empowerment & Training" (JET) project spearheaded by the Trust for the Americas, in collaboration with Citibeats, aims to address this issue by providing data-driven and relevant training programs to prepare Jamaican youth for the technical demands of the digital economy. The collection of this data is powered by the Employment & Skills Monitor developed by Citibeats, which helps the JET project identify labor market trends in real time and quickly develop programs that respond to the job market’s needs.
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