Citibeats Launches New Open Source Ethical AI Community Dedicated to Democratization of AI

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BARCELONA, SPAIN - 08/16/2022

Citibeats, a provider of ethically-sourced AI insights that drive real-time, data-driven actionable decisions, is establishing an open-source community dedicated to democratizing its AI algorithm.

The “Ethical AI Community” will be composed of developers who are committed to refining Citibeats’ existing algorithm to ensure that it is as free from code bias as possible—a key consideration for realizing the potential of AI as a solution for some of the world’s most complex problems.

The company’s commitment to Open Source Data Science (OSDS) is consistent with Citibeats’ mission to harness the power of AI for good. By creating an open-source platform for its algorithm, the company is building transparency, reliability and security into the core of its operation model.

“Ethics and trust are key to our mission,” said Abby Seneor, CTO at Citibeats. “As a company, we want to gain the trust of the public by doing the right thing, consistently, to help society. So it’s a logical step for us to make sure we can trust the output we get from our machines. We believe that the only way to do that is by opening our models to let the community see and challenge our inputs—resulting in a robust, inclusive and transparent AI.”

Ethics and trust are key to our mission

Reducing Code Bias & Embracing Diversity

The issue of code bias is well known within the tech community—there are many examples of algorithms that “learned” to discriminate against specific races and genders due to a lack of diversity in the teams that created them.

The Ethical AI Community seeks to tackle this problem head-on by opening its algorithm to as wide of a community as possible. “We can only ensure that our tools meet the needs of all communities when we invite different voices to be heard—particularly during the creation and review of the tools themselves,” said Abby.

Developer Community Waitlist

The Ethical AI Community is expected to launch in October 2022. In the meantime, the Citibeats team is encouraging developers to sign up for a waiting list to be notified of developments, as well as a Slack channel.

About Citibeats

Citibeats utilizes ethical AI for social understanding. By analyzing unstructured data from social media, blog posts, forums, and more, the platform generates real-time insights regarding today’s most pressing issues, from sustainability to social risk. Our corresponding monitors shed light on millions of evolving conversations, empowering global leaders to contextualize changes with data-driven insights.