Citibeats Launches Sustainability and Social Risk Monitors

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The software brings millions of voices to organizations in real time to help them understand societal changes.

March 29, 2022 –  Citibeats is proud to announce the launch of its Sustainability and Social Risk Monitors, the first affordable tools to uncover trends from millions of voices in real time, enabling clients to detect and contextualize social changes.

The new subscription-based model has been conceived to help organizations around the globe rapidly and easily understand citizens’ questions, needs, and concerns around topics like climate change, biodiversity, sustainable cities, migration, citizen security, employment and entrepreneurship, and more.

Software to Understand Shifts in Society

The overwhelming majority of digital information has been created in the last two years and is unstructured, heterogeneous, and expressed in different languages. 

In other words, it is not immediate, clear, and understandable. Sometimes, this overload of data paradoxically generates misinformation and doubts around the sources and the data itself. Decision-makers often misunderstand citizens’ needs and opinions, acting based on uninformed data in this infodemic context. 

The software brings millions of voices to organizations in real time to help them understand societal changes.

As a result, citizens feel unheard and neglected, a situation that generates a systemic lack of trust.

Citibeats designed the Sustainability and Social Risk Monitors—available with a monthly subscription—to quickly address these risks. The software empowers clients to listen to and understand millions of voices, resulting in a more democratized decision-making process.

“Identifying trends and opportunities in a fast-changing environment is difficult at a time when there is more uncertainty than ever. Up to now, the only way to get some context is to take a survey, which is like taking a snapshot. By the time you take the picture, it has changed,” says Ivan Caballero, Founder and CEO of Citibeats. “What we are offering is a ‘video’ that allows an organization to continuously identify shifts in society. The subscription model we have designed is meant to help our clients understand citizens’ needs faster and more clearly, leveraging Citibeats’ technology, expertise, and data that we’ve been collecting during the last four years.”

Getting the Beat of Society

A subscription to Citibeats’ software gives clients access to millions of anonymized data collected around the world during the last four years. It is the most immediate and comprehensive method for policy- and decision-makers to learn and understand how society is changing in real-time. 

“Think about the velocity of how society changes, or how rapidly information is exchanged,” says Marcos Cuevas, Chief Product Officer at Citibeats. “If you care about having a positive social impact, acting timely is of the utmost importance to promote a more inclusive and responsive society. We get the beat of society!” 

The monthly subscriptions feature historical and real-time data points covering topics related to sustainability (climate change and biodiversity, supply chain challenges, sustainable cities, and waste and water management) and social risk (environment, water sanitation, migration, citizen security, transport and infrastructure, sustainable tourism, and employment and entrepreneurship) in more than 100 countries and in more than 10 languages updated daily.

About Citibeats: Through ethical artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to process large quantities of unstructured data, Citibeats gathers actionable insights on the population's concerns related to key impact areas. The company has subscription-based software that enables clients to analyze real-time data centered on sustainability and social risk.