Citibeats & OpenAxis: A Partnership to Democratize Data

Barcelona, Spain & New York, NY, U.S., - XX/XX/2022

Citibeats, the leading ethical artificial intelligence platform for social understanding and OpenAxis, the data visualization and sharing platform, announce their collaboration to crowdsource and democratize data.


The Fil Rouge Connecting Data, People, and Stories

The quantity of data generated and exchanged on a daily basis has literally skyrocketed during the last few years, making it impossible for the human brain to collect and process it in a coherent and productive manner. On top of that, 80% of the data is unstructured, i.e. it is not organized, and expressed in different languages. So, it is basically impossible to analyze it and understand it.

Citibeats’ artificial intelligence platform has been conceived and developed to help policy- and decision-makers understand societal changes in real time, thanks to the analysis of structured, organized and anonymized data. By interpreting citizens’ questions and needs in real time, contrary to traditional survey methods, decision-makers can make faster and better-informed decisions with a positive social impact.

Behind data, there are people. And each person is a universe on his/her own, with his/her story to tell. That is why interpreting data is essential to understand the needs, opinions, and concerns of people. Hence, the necessity to, first, rely on representative and inclusive data and then present it through a clear, engaging visualization and storytelling.

In this context, of using data to better understand the world, Citibeats and OpenAxis are partnering to deliver salient data and analyses to the community in an accessible and collaborative fashion.

“Data is the foundation of truth and a driver of progress. Despite the fact that the world is producing more data than ever before, and businesses increasingly rely on data analytics, existing data storytelling tools are complicated and time-consuming. Which makes it harder for non-technical people to use data to better understand the world, their work, or themselves. We’re providing a platform that democratizes data storytelling with simple tools and a community to share, visualize, and collaborate. I’m excited to see what insights will be crowdsourced and stories are told with data.” (Alex Damianou, CEO and Founder of OpenAxis)

Data is the foundation of truth and a driver of progress

“Identifying trends and opportunities in a fast-changing environment is difficult at a time when there is more uncertainty than ever. No one knows what people want. Up to now the only way to get some context is to take a survey, which is like taking a snapshot. By the time you take the picture, it has changed. What we are offering is a video that allows an organization to continuously take the pulse of the people.” (Ivan Caballero, CEO and Founder of Citibeats)


About OpenAxis:

OpenAxis is a SaaS data visualization and sharing platform. By simplifying and democratizing the data storytelling process, OpenAxis enables anyone to easily tell stories with data. As well as the ability to crowdsource insights on various topics among a community of data explorers and storytellers. In doing so raising data literacy and transparency.

About Citibeats

Citibeats - a 2022 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer - is a SaaS ethical artificial intelligence platform that searches and analyzes large amounts of text provided by citizens - we structure this data (using Natural Language Processing - NLP - and Machine Learning - ML) and identify social trends, leading indicators, and actionable insights for governments, organizations and private companies.
Contrary to marketing brand watching, Citibeats offers a much more complex analysis and interpretation of data. Instead of being purely focused on single keywords, our research method is culturally focused, language-agnostic, easily adaptable, and monitors complex narratives evolving over time around a specific topic and that involves other related subtopics and multiple opinions expressed by users.