Citibeats Receives AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) Certification


We are thrilled to share that Citibeats' groundbreaking technology has achieved the prestigious Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR) certification. This milestone showcases our unwavering commitment to delivering a secure solution that adheres to the highest technical safety standards.

At Citibeats, our platform serves as a catalyst for change by empowering United Nations agencies, Development Banks, and private companies with data-driven insights into population social narratives. With the AWS FTR certification, our clients can trust that our platform has undergone rigorous assessment and meets the most stringent technical security standards set forth by Amazon Web Services.

Unleashing New Opportunities

Our partnership with AWS unlocks an array of benefits for our clients and us:

  1. Elevating Security Standards: This certification demonstrates our technology's adherence to the highest technical security standards. It involves a thorough evaluation of our technology, infrastructure, and practices, ensuring that Citibeats provides a secure and reliable solution for our clients.
  2. Trusted Partnership with AWS: As a certified AWS partner, Citibeats gains access to a vast network of AWS clients and partners. This collaboration opens up exciting co-selling opportunities, expanding our market reach and presenting our platform to a broader audience.
  3. Enhanced Visibility in the AWS Ecosystem: Being recognized as an AWS partner elevates our credibility and fosters trust among potential customers and clients, distinguishing us as a reliable and trusted solution provider in the industry.
  4. Unlocking AWS Grants: The AWS FTR certification makes Citibeats eligible to receive valuable grants from AWS. These resources can be utilized to drive continuous improvement in our technology.

The AWS FTR certification instills confidence in both our existing and potential clients, assuring them that Citibeats is a dependable and secure solution tailored to their needs. This trust is invaluable as we continue to foster strong relationships with our clients and partners, building a collaborative community dedicated to driving positive change.

Our commitment remains unwavering in driving innovation and achieving excellence. We recognize the transformative power of data insights in creating positive change within communities worldwide. Our vision is to make a lasting impact and contribute to a more informed society driven by the pursuit of social good.

If you are seeking a robust, secure, and cutting-edge solution to gain valuable insights into population opinions and make well-informed decisions, look no further than Citibeats!