Citibeats Speaks at Select USA Investment Summit

Headshots of Abby Seneor, Citibeats CTO and Marcos Cuevas, Citibeats CPO along with logo for 2022 Select USA Investment Summit - June 26-29

Citibeats continues its American circuit by speaking at the Select USA Investor Summit this week, the highest-profile United States (U.S.) event dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment (FDI).

Representing Citibeats will be Chief Technology Officer Abby Seneor, award-winning entrepreneur and one of the leading minds in artificial intelligence (AI). Citibeats Chief Product Officer Marcos Cuevas will attend the event, as well.

Returning to its live format from June 26 to 29 in National Harbor, Maryland, the summit attracts thousands of attendees yearly and impacts more than $57.9 billion in U.S. investment projects. 

More than 1,200 businesses and 80 international markets gather to explore interactive showcases from tech startups and industry experts, network with state representatives and government officials, learn from policy experts through 100+ engaging sessions, and form valuable partnerships. 

Seneor will pitch Citibeats’ Sustainability and Social Risk Monitors and showcase the platform on Tuesday, June 28, in addition to setting up at Kiosk 97.

In its commitment to showcasing entrepreneurial innovations, this year’s summit will feature SelectUSA Tech, Select Global Women in Tech (SGWIT), and agenda sessions regarding climate change, all of which connect industry experts with potential for advancement in U.S. markets.

Citibeats Showcases Platform & Explores U.S. Investments

Citibeats will be one of the many high-profile innovators interactively showcasing its offerings and networking with state representatives, government officials, companies from more than 80 markets, speakers, and more.

Seneor will pitch Citibeats’ Sustainability and Social Risk Monitors and showcase the platform on Tuesday, June 28, in addition to setting up at Kiosk 97. Citibeats’ customizable dashboards display real-time trends generated from social media posts, blog commentary, forum discussions, and more. This transformative, streamlined data empowers full visibility into populations’ most pressing concerns, from food scarcity to migration, enabling global leaders to inform policies with actionable, timely insights.

Given the event’s focus on women in tech, climate change, and technology, Citibeats’ award-winning offerings are especially relevant and instrumental in heightening data-informed awareness of gender biases, environmental protection, and myriad important societal issues.

Eager to network with the most prominent global investors, Citibeats hopes to explore U.S. investment potential by directly connecting with federal, state, and local officials about innovative resources and incentives. The SaaS company also hopes to connect with fellow investors, services providers, and government officials; increase exposure and branding; and partner with investors. 

Citibeats Continues American Circuit Amid Banner Year

Recently speaking at the Global Technology Governance Retreat, a three-day working retreat initiated by the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), Citibeats continues its American circuit as well as its banner year of recognition:

The platform has additionally been selected as Technology Pioneer 2022 by World Economic Forum, recognized as one of the “five best startups in the world” at #4YFN22, and recently joined fellow startup finalists at South Summit Madrid.

To learn more about Citibeats’ Sustainability and Social Risk Monitors, refer to our website or schedule a demo.

More information about this summit can be found on the Select USA Investor Summit website.

Citibeats utilizes ethical AI for social understanding, generating real-time insights from unstructured data on social media, posts, forum discussions, and more. These actionable trends shed light on millions of evolving conversations regarding today’s most pressing issues, from sustainability to social risk, empowering leaders to inform data-driven solutions.

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