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Countries are expressing an emerging interest in Circular Economy

Chile is the country in the Americas with the highest relative volume of conversations about Circular Economy.

Among all citizens of the Americas, Chileans are the ones that are most concerned about Circular Economy. According to the data collected from 1 January 2022 to 11 April 2022, 5% of the national conversation in Chile pivots around Circular Economy (compared to the other American countries where Circular Economy-related debates are only around 3% of the national conversation). Particularly strong is the demand for more efficient recycling technologies.


Top 5 and Bottom 5 countries by % of opinions about Circular Economy within the conversation


Two are the main reasons behind such an important nationwide attitude toward Circular Economy, both showing a great civic engagement from the Chilean population:

1. The concern around the evident pollution of rivers

Water is considered by Chileans as a major part of their national patrimony; witnessing the effect of pollution on rivers has pushed them to embrace a Circular Economy approach and vision.

2. The preoccupation with kids collecting trash

The preoccupation with the conditions of kids collecting trash on the streets and bringing it to industrial complexes for it to be processed.

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