Empowering Social Projects with Citibeats' Ethical AI



In today's ever-changing landscape of social projects and initiatives, the work carried out by multilateral organizations, development banks, and other entities plays a pivotal role in driving impactful and sustainable change. These organizations have been at the forefront of generating high-impact social projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), addressing critical global challenges, and uplifting communities worldwide.

However, the digital age has inundated us with an unprecedented abundance of data, often unstructured and chaotic, posing a profound challenge to organizations seeking meaningful insights. Traditional data analysis methods may prove insufficient in discerning emerging trends and anticipating the ever-changing needs of communities. Moreover, dealing with outdated data and the high costs associated with generating fresh data further hinder efforts to drive positive change.

This is where Citibeats steps in. Our mission is to collaborate with UN agencies, multilateral organizations, and other private entities to help them achieve their objectives for a positive global impact. Through our AI-driven platform, decision makers can transcend the limitations of traditional data analysis. They can gain a comprehensive understanding of the sentiments, preferences, and aspirations of the people they aim to serve. Citibeats goes beyond language, topics, and geography, amplifying millions of voices globally. By ensuring their concerns are heard, we address pressing citizen needs, fostering positive global changes.

How Citibeats Empowers Organizations

At Citibeats, we harness the power of AI to process vast amounts of real-time, unstructured data, empowering organizations to stay ahead of the curve and adapt swiftly to evolving scenarios. Leveraging powerful machine learning algorithms, we discern patterns, detect emerging trends, and predict near future demands with remarkable accuracy. 

We have an innovative approach designed to comprehensively understand citizens’ priorities and needs. Our tool serves as a catalyst for collaborative efforts with our clients. Here's how it empowers them:

  • Enhance their project/initiative research: By analyzing citizen voices from various data sources, our tool provides social insights that guide initiatives towards genuine community needs.
  • Improve project/initiative preparation and impact reporting: Our tool not only identifies priority areas but also aids in refining projects. With a comprehensive grasp of citizens' sentiments and preferences, decision-makers can customize initiatives for maximum impact. Moreover, our technology facilitates robust reporting and metrics, enabling continuous project tracking and preparedness for contingency planning if needed.
  • Reduce the time needed for deep understanding of the situation in the country or area of interest: Leveraging an extensive array of over 1 million data sources, combined with micro-surveys and an organization's proprietary data, our tool accelerates the generation of insights. Swiftly analyzing vast datasets, it empowers organizations to promptly comprehend complex situations in countries or specific areas, thereby facilitating timely and informed decision-making.

Our Product in Action

Our AI-powered solution equips organizations with the tools to prepare, respond and anticipate social priorities effectively, fostering impactful and sustainable change within communities.

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1. Preparedness:

Citibeats offers a comprehensive understanding of the social context, spanning from initial stages through implementation and beyond. Our tool streamlines project monitoring, guaranteeing impactful results, and enables organizations to swiftly adapt to changing conditions.


2. Response:

Our technology goes beyond mere continuous topic monitoring. It extends its capabilities to timely track and decipher evolving social narratives, recognizing the crucial signals amidst the noise. By distilling these signals into clear and concise narratives, the tool equips organizations to swiftly understand shifts, whether they are positive or negative. Moreover, it takes a proactive stance by triggering automatic alerts, enabling organizations to adapt to ever-changing situations promptly.


3. Anticipation:

A 'nowcast' represents a forward-looking insight derived from ongoing data analysis. By leveraging our vast historical data in conjunction with your real-time information, we facilitate the development of an advanced demand model. This empowers institutions to foresee potential challenges proactively, enabling more efficient mitigation of pressing issues. Our track record speaks for itself - we've effectively identified upcoming riots in Colombia with a remarkable lead time of 2 to 3 weeks.


Case Studies

Our technology has been deployed in over 108 countries, representing more than 296M voices worldwide and positively impacting 1B€ in decisions made. While using AI tools may seem complex, several practical examples from organizations that have already used Citibeats’ Social Diagnosis Tool show how it can make things easier:

  • World Health Organization (WHO) - Covid 19: WHO is piloting EARS, a project powered by Citibeats technology, aimed at detecting Covid-19-related conversations online in 30 countries. The platform showcases real-time online discussions about Covid-19, providing invaluable insights to assist governments worldwide in effectively addressing the challenges posed by the infodemic and pandemic. By aiding in making more informed decisions during this uncertain global situation, EARS plays a pivotal role in supporting governments worldwide in navigating these unprecedented times.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) - Covid 19: Vaccine: Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) sought to monitor COVID-19 vaccine-related discussions online in 15 countries, gathering real-time insights into how people are conversing about emergency and routine vaccine-related matters, with the overarching goal of improving vaccination rates and providing enhanced support to the communities.
  • IDB & The Amazon Basin: By rigorously measuring and analyzing citizen feedback, the project delved into pivotal domains such as health, security, biodiversity, education, investment, and more. The central aim was to harness the insights derived from Amazon citizens, thereby enriching our understanding of their viewpoints and needs. This, in effect, paved the path for informed enhancements in shaping and implementing projects, initiatives, and policies.
  • The JET Project: Citibeats' platform empowered the DIA Program, an initiative by The Trust for the Americas, to deliver customized real-time labor market training for Jamaican youth, connecting them with promising opportunities in the workforce. Our tool played a pivotal role in identifying the skills most in demand by organizations, thus enabling the program to tailor its curriculum to better equip young professionals. This ensures that they are well-prepared to meet the evolving demands of the job market and make meaningful contributions to their chosen careers.
  • IDB - Latin America: Citibeats partnered with IDB, utilizing AI to analyze social online conversations regarding migration and xenophobia in Latin America, thereby uncovering emerging needs in the main cities arising from immigrant migrations.
  • UNDP & UNESCO - Dominican Republic: Our analysis of text-based publications helped detect public misconceptions about COVID-19 and citizens’ perceptions on related social issues.
  • UNDP Colombia: In partnership with UNDP, Citibeats utilized data analytics to amplify public engagement in Colombia. Through analyzing online discussions and sentiments, we offered valuable insights that aided local authorities and UNDP in understanding community needs. Notably, our findings revealed that conversations in Colombia predominantly revolved around key categories like Peace and Justice, Governance, and Social Inclusion.

We stand as an ethical end-to-end solution, channeling the voices of people into tangible and dependable insights. Curious to explore our unique approach and harness the potential of cutting-edge AI implementations?


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