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Empowering Societal Change: Citibeats' Impactful Ethical AI in 2023



In the thriving landscape of 2023, a wave of AI adoption is sweeping the technological landscape. This revolution is fueled by the remarkable achievements of generative AI and large language models such as ChatGPT. Among the pioneering companies leading this change is Citibeats. However, Citibeats goes beyond reaping the benefits of AI; we are committed to ensuring transparency, providing invaluable insights, and countering the perils of bias while actively promoting social good.


   I believe we are entering year zero of a new, more democratic, ethical, and human-centered approach to AI. Not a technology on its own, but a tool to give a voice to all citizens and empower decision-makers to embed those voices in their decision-making and investment process. 

- Ivan Caballero, CEO of Citibeats


Why Citibeats is Unique

Untitled design (54)-1Citibeats is an AI platform that analyzes social data, predicting social changes through collective wisdom. We prioritize quick, inclusive, ethical, and cost-effective actionable insights for decision-makers. Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, we process unstructured data from various sources, seamlessly integrating it into decision-making processes of public and private organizations. As part of our ongoing evolution to meet user demands, we've developed our latest feature - Summarization. By seamlessly integrating AI algorithms with ChatGPT, this game-changing addition offers concise insights into citizen narratives with just one click, summarizing millions of narratives.

Our Impact

While concerns about AI's potential drawbacks are expressed, it is crucial to recognize its immense promise for positive societal transformation. Citibeats exemplifies how AI can unlock these possibilities. By analyzing over 1 million sources of online and offline data and opinions in real-time, Citibeats gained a deep understanding of societal trends across a wide range of topics during 2022.

Social Impact Report 2023
In the past year, we embarked on 13 impactful projects in collaboration with esteemed clients like UNDP, UNESCO, WHO, and others. Our global reach allowed us to analyze a staggering 175 topics across 108 countries, processing data in 22 languages. This year alone, we diligently processed over 296 million opinions, amplifying the voices of migrants, young people, and marginalized individuals. Our contributions have influenced over 1 billion euros of social investments. As we look to the future, we are excited about the numerous projects ahead, continuing our mission to make a positive difference in society and helping worldwide organizations take better and more informed decisions to create positive impact.

Case Studies

Citibeats' ethical AI platform has been a catalyst for positive societal transformation, leaving a lasting impact on various fronts. Here are some of our most notable highlights:

  1. Empowering Pakistani citizens: Citibeats provided real-time structured data to support UNDP Pakistan, enabling decision-makers to understand citizens' voices and take actions for their betterment.
  2. The JET Project: Our platform empowered the DIA Program, an initiative by The Trust for the Americas, to deliver customized real-time labor market training for Jamaican youth. The JET Project serves as a vital bridge, connecting Jamaican youth to promising opportunities in the workforce.
  3. A Humanitarian Assistance Tool: In response to the Turkey-Syrian earthquake, our platform analyzed pre and post-earthquake data, uncovering crucial shifts in real-time needs to aid relief efforts.
  4. Anticipating Riots: With our Civic Unrest social indicator, our technology helps anticipate potential causes of civic unrest, enabling proactive measures in managing such situations.

These remarkable achievements exemplify Citibeats' commitment to driving positive change. If you're curious to explore the challenges and outcomes behind these transformative projects, we invite you to click the button below. Let's uncover the powerful impact of ethical AI in shaping a world of possibilities.

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