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Do you know the next-gen Market Research?

Go pro type camera with words - One Shot Market Research and question - What do you want to know about?
It has AI-enabled superpowers, so it can answer the questions you have about your company, service, city… Plus, it will deliver you the answers you’re looking for… in just a week!

Do you, does your organisation, have questions that need quick answers? How do you reach the right people, or the right number of people? How, then, would you analyse the data in a timely, yet structured, manner?

The problem with qualitative data

People share their opinions and concerns every day in social media, but you don’t have access to all of them and, if you do, there’s just a lot of noise! Qualitative data is essential for analysis, since it’s the only data that can truly have human meaning, but it is too unstructured to… well, to have any kind of meaning!
So you’re sitting on a gold mine that also happens to be a huge mess. What do you do? You leverage the power of advanced text analytics run by an artificial intelligence algorithm to clean that mess and let the gold shine for itself!

Your new research assistant

This is what Citibeats ultimately does. By gathering, filtering, categorising and synthesising the conversation, it structures qualitative data and it enables you to find, understand and act upon insights hidden by all the noise.
We want to help you with your market research, strategic analysis, brand reputation tracking or any other insight-hungry project, by allowing you to have a taste of what it feels like to gather the powers of Artificial Intelligence for this data analysis.

So, what’s the deal?

The superpowers of our platform are maximised by asking it more than one question and following the evolution of those questions over time, so you can understand what impact your actions have on them, but we want to give you the taste of it by granting you a full report on a specific question you need answered and delivering an insightful report in… just a week!