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Citibeats Joins Tech Barcelona

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Barcelona, Spain - Ivan Caballero, CEO and Founder of Citibeats, the leading ethical artificial intelligence platform for social understanding, has officially become a member of Tech Barcelona, the independent private non-profit association that works to reinforce Barcelona as a model of the international digital and technological ecosystem. 

The Responsible Use of Technology for a Positive Social Impact

Technology has the power to change the world and, if used in a responsible and ethical way, to impact society and citizens positively. But in order to do that, it is necessary to mitigate bias and inequalities, and to include everyone's voice in the decision-making process.

Joining the Tech Barcelona ecosystem is, in Ivan’s vision, a key step for Citibeats to actively contribute to the debate around ethics in technology and, specifically, in AI bringing it to the next level. Citibeats’ technology pivots around very firm ethical principles such as the anonymization of the data to protect users’ privacy, the detection and reduction of gender bias, and the implementation of its solution just for use cases with a positive social impact such as CivicLytics and EARS.

Citibeats’ artificial intelligence platform for social understanding has been conceived as an ethical tool to help policy- and decision-makers interpret citizens’ needs and make faster and better-informed decisions for a more just and fairer society.

“In the last few years, the city of Barcelona has undergone a profound transformation becoming a worldwide technology hub. Tech Barcelona has been one of the protagonists and facilitators of the growth of the Barcelona digital and technology ecosystem, with particular attention to the impact of technology on our society. At Citibeats, a company that has the goal of bringing humanity back into the heart of the decision-making process, we really look forward to actively collaborating with the Tech Barcelona ecosystem actors to make Barcelona a reference in ethical AI at a worldwide level.” (Ivan Caballero, CEO and Founder of Citibeats)

“Artificial intelligence is and will be one of the main technologies to shape the world: in a global board where the main players appear to be huge private US corporations or Asian Governments, Europe can play a unique role in the challenge of giving the technology a humane core. Barcelona has the right ingredients to lead this movement. At Tech Barcelona we want to support this open initiative from Citibeats and we want this ethical approach to technology to permeate all companies and outcomes in order to improve their impact on society. We do want this approach to be led from Barcelona in the global scenario, and this is something we are going to fully support from Tech Barcelona.” (Mar Galtés, Corporate Development Director at Tech Barcelona)

Ethical AI Community and Tech Spirit

Citibeats and Tech Barcelona will join forces for the very first Ethical AI Community event. The Ethical AI Community - Building a Better Society from Barcelona to the World event, an initiative in collaboration with NTT Data, will take place on the 24th of November from 4 pm CET to 7 pm CET at the NTT DATA Living Lab (Carrer de Pedro i Pons, 6, 08034 Barcelona).

Paula Serra, Business Intelligence and Project Manager at Tech Barcelona will be speaking at the panel "Openness and collaboration -  How to improve and assess the quality of the models". 

Mar Galtés, Corporate Development Director at Tech Barcelona will be one of the speakers of the "Gender bias and lack of representativity - A fairer technology for a fairer society" panel.

The Ethical AI Community - Building a Better Society from Barcelona to the World is an in-person event, and registration is required. You can find more information here.

Also, on the 30th of November, Irene Chausse, Head of Product at Citibeats, will be speaking at the Tech Spirit Barcelona 2022.

About Citibeats:

Citibeats - a 2022 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer - is a social understanding platform that extracts social trends, leading indicators, and actionable insights about citizens’ most pressing problems and concerns.

Citibeats combines NPL and ML to ethically process and analyze people’s voices in real time from millions of data sources.

At Citibeats, we are on a mission to embed human insights into decision-making.

About Tech Barcelona:

Tech Barcelona is the independent non-profit association that works to consolidate Barcelona as a leading international technology and digital hub. Created in 2013, it represents more than 1,200 companies and has more than 70 partner organisations, leaders in their sector, committed to the project. The association's objectives are to promote talent, support entrepreneurship, attract investment and improve the competitiveness of companies. Tech Barcelona has established itself as the backbone of the ecosystem, with a programme of content, activities and connections aimed at promoting the growth of the digital and tech sector and the transformation of the economic model of the city and the country; in a context of international projection and taking care of the impact of technology on society. The Tech Barcelona ecosystem model is deployed with the Urban Tech Campus project: a network of unique buildings connected so that innovation and technology are integrated into the city, involving and coexisting with its citizens.

Citibeats leverages ethical AI for social understanding. Gathering and analyzing unstructured data from social media comments, blog posts, forums, and more, our Sustainability and Social Risk Monitors provide insight into millions of unfolding conversations regarding inflation, protests, food shortages, and more—empowering world leaders to develop data-driven strategies and inclusive policies. 

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