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Understanding citizens’ opinions amidst the arrival of Colombia’s new political era

Colombia’s most recent presidential elections, held between last May and June, signaled a new era of politics as citizens voted in Colombia’s first leftist president. With 50.48% of the votes, former rebel and senator, Gustavo Petro, narrowly defeated real estate millionaire, Rodolfo Hernández who received 47.26% of the Colombian vote.

Considering that abstentionism in Colombia has averaged above 40% in every presidential election since 1990, it is clear that citizens are taking action to make their voices and concerns heard.

With Petro’s promises of reform — from improvements in health and agriculture to changes in the fight against drug cartels — his victory signals an underlying source of discontent that Colombians are seeking to rectify.

And while the result of this presidential election is a good indicator of current Colombian sentiment, it is critical to understand the deep-seated issues that citizens are most concerned about that have led to this turning of the tide.

Traditional methods of collecting public opinion — like surveys and polls — help uncover these issues as a snapshot in time. But for timely insights into citizens’ most current and ever-changing demands that can help inform action for early intervention and restitution, investing in real-time data solutions is the most promising and efficient way.

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Citibeats & GPT3: A human-machine friendly chat about innovation, evolution and life

What if there was a way to have a conversation with a machine as you would with a human being?

Well, current innovations in Large Language Models (LLM) make such a thing possible.

LLMs are machine learning algorithms that utilize large text-based datasets to recognize, predict, and generate human languages. 

Take our recent conversation with GPT-3—or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3—for instance, a model that leverages deep learning technology to produce human text.

Once a month, Citibeats will have such conversations with various publicly available LLMs, such as GPT-3 by OpenAI, Jurassic-1 by AI21 Labs, and GPT-NeoX by EleutherAI. Beyond simply chatting with a GPT-3, this series will explore the creative, clever use of AI and innovative technologies to profoundly impact our social future—a core value for Citibeats.

Utilizing OpenAI playground (with the following parameters: Model: text-davinci-002; Temperature: 0.9; Top P: 1; Presence penalty: 0.6), here is Citibeats Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Abby Seneor’s chat with the GPT-3, a.k.a. “Clever.”


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Dollar bill sitting atop other country currency bills

Perception of Inflation in Latin America

In early July, Panamanian citizens orchestrated country-wide street closures and rallies in front of public institutions to protest skyrocketing inflation costs. What on the surface was a public display of growing discontent over rising inflation was in reality the final straw for many people feeling neglected by government institutions. 

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