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Two less fortunate men with masks on walking in a dump collecting bottles and cans

The Relationship Between Poverty and Unemployment

For a quarter-century, nations around the world had made significant gains in reducing poverty, a silver lining for many despite widening income inequality. But the COVID-19 pandemic reversed many of those important gains and now inflation and other factors are causing elected officials and others to redouble efforts to combat poverty and pernicious unemployment.

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Group shot of majority women standing together at event

32 Barcelona Technology Companies Take Action To Reduce Their Inner Gender Gap

  • The commitments reached by the companies include the following: training programs to achieve equity in the recruitment of women; training courses for human resource departments; promoting the visibility of female talent and conciliation policies; prioritizing the recruitment of women; and revising inclusive language for each of the 32 companies. 
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Citibeats Platform on a laptop on a wooden desk

What Makes Citibeats Unique: Social Understanding vs. Traditional Survey Methods

[Disclaimer: In a previous article, we analyzed the differences between social listening and social understanding tools, such as the Citibeats platform. Being this an analysis of the differences between social understanding tools and traditional survey methods, we have decided to leave almost unchanged those sections describing Citibeats’ technology.]

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