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Nations have been very focused on growth and GDP, but there is an urgent need to dramatically increase the focus on social prosperity. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the premier technology of the 21st century, maturing rapidly as an incredibly powerful tool with seemingly limitless applications in every industry. That’s why It has been called “the new electricity.”

The responsible use of this cutting-edge technology could help us respond quickly to civic needs through a citizen governance model, creating new habits around data-informed decisions.

The democratization of a data-driven culture could empower and generate abundance, or it could increase social gaps. The use of data and AI presents several challenges that must be addressed to avoid deepening existing social inequalities and creating new digital inequalities, such as:

Limited Data Representativeness 

Biased datasets can generate biased results with a direct impact on citizens’ opportunities.

Education & Transparency in Data Sharing

Not everyone has the same knowledge level of understanding on data privacy and how shared data is used. Differences in digital education can broaden inequalities in data privacy, putting those with less digital knowledge in a weaker position.

Shared Benefits

The AI industry will impact multiple stakeholders, including citizens, governments, and the environment. It is important to make sure that impact is positive.

Many great initiatives and projects aim to create a better world with the ethical use of technology. That’s why in, we want to help you give visibility into these projects. If you want to be part of the movement, join us by filling out this form.