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Nations have been very focused on growth and GDP, but there is an urgent need to dramatically increase the focus on social prosperity. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the premier technology of the 21st century, maturing rapidly as an incredibly powerful tool with seemingly limitless applications in every industry. That’s why It has been called “the new electricity.”

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The Best of 2020

With 2021 drawing near, we at Citibeats would like to take a moment to reflect on this past year. It’s nearly impossible not to think of the COVID-19 at the mention of 2020. But despite the uncertainty, fear, and physical isolation, we also have cause to celebrate.

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Citibeats Expands Into Latin America With Analytics 10

Citibeats, an ethical platform that analyzes social risks, and Analytics 10 (A10), an advanced analytics and big data consultancy firm based in Chile, have formed a business partnership to roll out services in Latin America. Their joint mission is to create data-driven solutions for the mining, energy, tourism, retail, financial services, and public services sectors of Mexico, Chile, and Brazil.

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