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Woman raising her hand in a crowd listening to speaker

Data Analytics to Improve Public Deliberation in Colombia

Current Context

The management of the COVID-19 crisis reversed the country's socio-economic progress. One of the most affected groups has been the Colombian youth. Difficulties such as school dropouts, the lack of policies that promote their labor income, the sustained fall in occupied youth, and the general increase in unemployment rates have generated feelings of hopelessness, reflected in:

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Overhead view of jungle and oceanside with beautiful white water

Perceptions of Panamanian Citizens on Economic Recovery

In collaboration with Citibeats, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) carried out a study using the CivicLytics Citizen Observatory, an ethical artificial intelligence tool. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of comments from citizens on Twitter, forums, blogs, and digital media, the study highlighted concerns and perceptions to trace opinion trends related to economic recovery.

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woman in wheelchair moving from her dining room towards her kitchen

Fundación ONCE Addresses Accessibility Barriers

Citibeats was founded on the belief that artificial intelligence should benefit society. As such, we teamed up with Fundación ONCE, an organization in Spain focused on promoting full inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Together, we identified the top barriers faced by people with disabilities in Spain by analyzing more than 300,000 opinions collected on Twitter.

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