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How Artificial Intelligence Gives a Voice to Vulnerable Migrant Populations

The COVID-19 pandemic has created countless challenges in the life and governance of cities. However, these challenges are not the same for all the inhabitants of Latin America and the Caribbean. The pandemic has hit the most vulnerable in particular. Migrants are exposed to the impacts of the pandemic through their work on the front line as well as vulnerabilities related to housing conditions, poverty, and discrimination.

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Big Data Insights on Migration & Xenophobia in Latin America

Migration is a contentious issue that often leads to xenophobic behavior detrimental to social cohesion. Latin America has confronted this issue over the last five years, primarily driven by the more than 5.4 million Venezuelans who have been displaced. In some cases, communities accept and support integration, but not all. Increasingly, migrants face prejudice, which must be monitored to prevent their social and economic exclusion. 

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Perceptions of Panamanian Citizens on Economic Recovery

In collaboration with Citibeats, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) carried out a study using the CivicLytics Citizen Observatory, an ethical artificial intelligence tool. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of comments from citizens on Twitter, forums, blogs, and digital media, the study highlighted concerns and perceptions to trace opinion trends related to economic recovery.

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Fundación ONCE Addresses Accessibility Barriers

Citibeats was founded on the belief that artificial intelligence should benefit society. As such, we teamed up with Fundación ONCE, an organization in Spain focused on promoting full inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Together, we identified the top barriers faced by people with disabilities in Spain by analyzing more than 300,000 opinions collected on Twitter.

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