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No one knows societal changes better than the people living them. Citibeats’ platform leverages citizens' real-time feedback to help you make informed decisions and anticipate their needs.

Through ethical artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to process large quantities of unstructured data, Citibeats gathers actionable insights into the population's concerns related to key impact areas, such as sustainable development, financial inclusion, natural disaster response, migration, social policy, food security, education, and more.  

Our award-winning social data platform is language agnostic, all-inclusive, fast, smart, and ethical, listening to voices that traditional research approaches often ignore. 

And we're just scratching the surface. Over the next three years, we aim to influence $2 billion in budgets. By giving a voice to the people, we aim to bring humanity back into decision-making.

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The Citibeats platform delivers opinion-based data from the public 90 days earlier than traditional methods.

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Voices Represented

The platform leverages under-utilized feedback from citizens and consumers that can now influence decisions.

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Organizations in more than 70 countries use Citibeats to inform decisions and influence policy.

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Citibeats has informed more than $1 billion in social risk mitigation decisions in the public and private sectors.

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Ivan Caballero

Founder & CEO of Citibeats

Ivan Caballero is a multifaceted professional whose skills span diverse focus areas, but his commitment to transparency, integration, diversity, sustainability, and compassion remains steadfast. 

Ivan's personal moonshot is creating the conditions for a fairer, smarter, and more efficient society through the ethical use of technology. In Ivan's vision, Citibeats is a critical piece in a technological and social mosaic, bringing humanity back into decision-making. Through artificial intelligence, Citibeats aims to listen to the voices of the people and become a global standard for multilateral organizations, governments and businesses in need of unbiased, real-time, quality data.

"We have the ability to build these new realities," says Caballero. "Everything is getting automated through artificial intelligence, robotics, and technology in general. All this technology is going to bring respectful abundance. Machines and technology will do the work that we do now, giving us more resources and time. In an abundant environment, the community will reward you based on your impact."

Learn more about Ivan from his "Tekios" interview or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Values & Ethics


This superpower is our engine of endless growth.


We are doers committed to bringing positive change to millions of lives.


We use skills in the service of an ambitious vision of the future.

Ethical AI

Human data touches on ethically sensitive areas of personal information, privacy, representativity, and bias. Our mission is to improve societies based on people's needs. From day one, ethical considerations have remained at the top of our minds.

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Awards and Accolades

Many institutions at the forefront of technological innovation and social good have recognized the innovative Citibeats platform.

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Our partners combine expertise in the client problem with the real-time insight of the Citibeats platform.

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Add text analytics to complement your data solutions.

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Create joint products with Citibeats based on your area of expertise and unique assets.

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Have a say in the future developments of Citibeats so we evolve together.


Offer our solutions together easily thanks to our API-first approach.

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Combine text analytics and subject matter expertise so we both benefit.

GETHub Partner

Citibeats is part of the GETHub (Gender Equality Tech Hub) initiative in partnership with AllWomen and the Barcelona's town hall to find solutions and develop measures to reduce the gender gap in the tech sector.

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