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IDB & Citibeats:
Amazon Report

IDB and Citibeats: Social understanding as an enabler of economic growth and cultural heritage preservation of the Amazon region.

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Inside you will find:

The report collects the most relevant insights of the Amazon project, promoted and financed by the IDB and powered by Citibeats' AI technology.

Through our platform, we have analyzed millions of citizens' opinions, anonymized them, and then transformed them into actionable insights to help the IDB achieve the following goals:
  • Strengthening the direct dialogue with local and international actors and listening to thousands of voices to define a joint roadmap on projects related to the bioeconomy.
  • Including a wide and diverse spectrum of voices that contribute to the development of the identity of the Amazon basin.
  • Shedding light on data disaggregation by gender to better understand the challenges and opportunities for women’s growth.
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