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Are you concerned by bias in algorithms and the issues they can create and want to help? Well, you’re in the right place!

We launched our first open gender detection model to reduce social media data bias, protect individuals' privacy, and maintain user trust. 


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Our mission is to help decision-makers to make better decisions based on unbiased data. We have created a framework (Responseable.ai™ for ethically and socially sustainable artificial intelligence applications that address these challenges and emphasize common principles such as transparency, citizen-first, comprehensibility, non-discrimination, and human dignity:

Transparency & Accountability

AI systems must be explainable and understandable. AI outputs must be traceable and algorithmic calculations transparent.

Privacy & Security

AI systems should be secure and respect citizens’ privacy.

Inclusiveness, Fairness & Unbiasedness

Any AI model must be fair, equal and inclusive. That means identifying each relevant voice without prejudice of the content and context, no matter who the person is who created it.


AI is a tool; humans decide how to implement it. Defining the use case helps define what is right and what is wrong.


Is The AI Residency Program Right For You?

The AI Residency Program is ideal for those interested in applying to PhD programs, publishing research papers, and maximizing their experience before attending graduate programs in their designated field.

The AI Residency Program provides:

  • 3-6 MONTHS

    Hands-on experience with artificial intelligence research


    Partnership with AI researchers from Citibeats to guide your project


    Opportunity to devise new machine learning techniques to solve a research problem in an Ethical AI field of mutual interest


Are you studying for a PhD and need guidance or experience with artificial intelligence research?

Your research will be communicated to the academic community through collaboration across Citibeats, academic papers and conferences (i.e. NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, CVPR), and open-source code releases in the Ethical AI community channel.


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