Gender Equality

Real-Time Analysis of Opinions on Gender Violence and Equal Rights

  • Understand gender-based narratives faster and collect actionable insights to address needs.
  • Promote initiatives to support gender equality, inclusion, respect and tolerance.

Citibeats gives you the tools to detect social early warning signs.

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Insight on Equal Rights

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Countless females around the world are denied access to leadership positions, education, and health knowledge. Understanding people's concerns is fundamental to implementing strategies supporting gender equality, inclusion, respect, and tolerance at work and in society.

Citibeats' Social Data Platform


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Gender Violence Analysis

  • Detect and understand social early warning signs of gender violence, such as sexual harassment and violence, human trafficking and slavery, and toxic relationships.
  • Monitor gender violence categories in real time, analyzing their distribution and evolution at national, regional, or local levels.
  • Collect actionable insights to prevent episodes of violence against females.
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Gender Gap Chart of male vs female across different countries titled where is the gender gap bigger

Gender Equality Analysis

  • Interpret complex narratives about gender equality.
  • Discover information around equal rights and opportunities.
  • Detect gender gaps in healthcare, employment, housework, sports, tech, and science.
  • Act in real time to prevent gender inequalities.
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Citibeats' AI Technology Features

Easily Adaptable

Anyone in your team can easily access and use the Citibeats platform.

Language Agnostic

Citibeats is the only leading platform that analyzes any language, dialect, slang, and new, local, or domain-specific vocabulary to extend your projects across geographies and communities.


Citibeats integrates and centralizes huge quantities of data for greater coverage than surveys at a fraction of the cost.


Our AI structures multilingual data in minutes to detect social development and environmental protection market trends faster.


Our models are trained on public source data for social understanding instead of brand monitoring, allowing for greater precision, coverage, and meaningful analysis of social development and environmental protection market trends.


We specialize in incorporating underrepresented groups through our curated communities in developing countries, bias reduction, and noise reduction. Citibeats interprets collective data to protect individual privacy and only allows platform access to causes with a positive social impact.

See how Citibeats can be used to prevent gender violence and inequalities.

Cut All Ties: Tackling gender-based violence on youth.

Citibeats joined forces with ABD, ACRA, and other NGOs to identify and interpret gender-based narratives among youngsters.

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Learn how we can help you
monitor and understand gender violence and gender equality.

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