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Impact Reports

Learn about how Citibeats informs real-world decisions with instant insights into rapidly changing social issues.

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Interactive Reports Collection 1

The latest insights about social topics worldwide

  • Data worldwide from a wide variety of data sources covering social topics
  • Relevant insights directly extrapolated from Citibeats’ platform
  • Understand the evolution of society
Mockup of 2021 Social Impact Report

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2021 Impact Report

Impacting positively on society thanks to our ethical artificial intelligence.

  • A human-centered approach to technology
  • Citibeats’ top six implementations of 2021
  • Citibeats’ technological and corporate milestones
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IDB & Citibeats: Amazon Report

Defining a bioeconomic roadmap for the Amazon basin.

  • The preservation of biodiversity and natural resources
  • Social development and health
  • Education, access to credit, food security, and employment
  • Investments and private sector.
  • Bio-businesses as a key factor

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COVID-19: Impact on
Public Administration

Anticipating human behavior in the "new normal."

  • What do citizens find essential in the new normal?
  • How will citizens’ behavior change with respect to their community?
  • What are the keys to gaining citizens’ confidence in a post-pandemic reality?
Covid 19 Citizenry and Citibeats Mockup Cover

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COVID-19 and the Citizenry:
The First 120 Days

Uncovering emerging community trends early in the pandemic.

  • What worried the people of Latin America and the Caribbean the most?
  • Early alerts and detection of localized needs
  • Scenarios for crisis exit
2019 Social Impact Report ebook cover with walkers in the city and citibeats logo

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Impact Report: 2019

Informing policies through
real-time, actionable insight. 

  • Top five impact implementations of 2019
  • Social impact with "response-able" AI
  • Citizen engagement
  • Social inclusion
  • Disaster mitigation
  • Regulation