Impact Reports

Featuring impact reports from Citibeats' recent use cases.

Civiclytics PDF Cover with beautiful jungle landscape picture

IDB & Citibeats: Amazon Report

IDB and Citibeats: Social understanding as an enabler of economic growth and cultural heritage preservation of the Amazon region.

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COVID-19: Impact on
Public Administration

Citizen behavior trends and predictions based on big data.

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Covid 19 Citizenry and Citibeats Mockup Cover

COVID-19 and the Citizenry:
The First 120 Days

Discover the main insights that we extracted using Artificial Intelligence that allow us to understand community trends and post-crisis scenarios.

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2019 Social Impact Report ebook cover with walkers in the city and citibeats logo

Impact Report: 2019

Do you want to know how we have helped to create better policies, more effective budgets, and earlier interventions with Artificial Intelligence?

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