Real-Time Interpretations of Migration Trends

  • Implement strategies that limit social and economic side effects
  • Protect citizens' rights and health

Citibeats gives you the tools to detect social early warning signs.

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Understanding Migrants' Needs


Migration patterns are rapidly changing, reflecting fast-paced social, environmental, geopolitical, and technological transformations.

Citibeats identifies migrants' needs and crises quickly.

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How Can Citibeats Help You Make A Difference?

  • Analysis of 100x more data sources than traditional surveys.
  • Data collected from curated sources (social media, forums, blogs, comments in the news, and an on-demand community of 10,000 migrants).
  • Language agnostic, interpreting texts in any language or dialect, including slang.
  • Detects social needs, opinions, and trends in real time and transforms them into actionable insights months earlier than traditional surveys and media.

Citibeats helps you make the right choice at the right time.

Our AI platform offers insights reflecting the evolving needs of migrant populations and helps shape narratives of integration.
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Citibeats' Social Data Platform


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Migrants' Needs Analysis

Governments and private organizations must understand the needs of migrants to ease integration and guarantee assistance with healthcare, housing, and work within a legal framework.

Through the Migrants' Needs Analysis, you can determine what support migrant populations will require when they reach their destination countries.

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Xenophobia Risk Analysis

Xenophobic narratives represent a serious menace to social stability and integration. Our platform allows you to detect hate speech about migrants so that you can combat xenophobia with education.

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Migrants' Protection Analysis

Migrants' Protection Analysis helps you assess migrants' health, human rights, and civic rights. The Citibeats platform collects information on migration from public data sources and an on-demand community of migrants to determine warning signs and trends earlier than any other traditional method. The language-agnostic feature also allows for comprehensive analysis of texts in minority languages and slang often used by migrants.

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Citibeats' AI Technology Features

Easily Adaptable

Anyone in your team can easily access and use the Citibeats platform.

Language Agnostic

Citibeats is the only leading platform that analyzes any language, dialect, slang, and new, local, or domain-specific vocabulary to extend your projects across geographies and communities.


Citibeats integrates and centralizes huge quantities of data for greater coverage than surveys at a fraction of the cost.


Our AI structures multilingual data in minutes to detect social development and environmental protection market trends faster.


Our models are trained on public source data for social understanding instead of brand monitoring, allowing for greater precision, coverage, and meaningful analysis of social development and environmental protection market trends.


We specialize in incorporating underrepresented groups through our curated communities in developing countries, bias reduction, and noise reduction. Citibeats interprets collective data to protect individual privacy and only allows platform access to causes with a positive social impact.

Citibeats: Solutions Tailored for Your Needs


The Inter-American Development Bank Experience:

The Observatories for Xenophobia and Urban Needs

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Learn how we can help you better understand migration trends and needs.

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