Special Projects & Observatories

Analyzing multifaceted topics based on the client's specific needs and goals.

  • Monitor opinions in real time
  • Map concerns and feelings in relevant regions
  • Customize insights for targeted understanding
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Understanding Citizens' Needs in Real Time


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  • Complex analysis of pandemic concerns, misinformation, and disinformation. WHO's EARS Infodemic Observatory divided the pandemic conversation into 40 specific topics across 30 countries to better address concerns, questions, and infodemic surrounding COVID-19.
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  • Broader coverage of infrastructure priorities after a natural disaster. NTT Data and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry created a heatmap of opinions on infrastructure repair priorities in 23 rural areas.
  • Consumer protection early warning system. FSD Kenya created a system to alert regulators every time there is a spike in complaints about consumer protection topics, such as scams, overcharges, and frozen accounts.
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  • Social needs monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic. IDB used the CivicLytics observatory across 26 Latin American and Caribbean countries to respond to the rapidly changing needs of citizens in real time.
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  • Online hate speech detection for efficient action. Spain’s Navarra Government created a model to detect racist hate speech online in order to respond with educational resources where it mattered most.
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Citibeats' AI Technology Features

Easily Adaptable

Anyone in your team can easily access and use the Citibeats platform.

Language Agnostic

Citibeats is the only leading platform that analyzes any language, dialect, slang, and new, local, or domain-specific vocabulary to extend your projects across geographies and communities.


Citibeats integrates and centralizes huge quantities of data for greater coverage than surveys at a fraction of the cost.


Our AI structures multilingual data in minutes to detect social development and environmental protection market trends faster.


Our models are trained on public source data for social understanding instead of brand monitoring, allowing for greater precision, coverage, and meaningful analysis of social development and environmental protection market trends.


We specialize in incorporating underrepresented groups through our curated communities in developing countries, bias reduction, and noise reduction. Citibeats interprets collective data to protect individual privacy and only allows platform access to causes with a positive social impact.

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The IDB platform to understand complex civic issues by listening to the opinions of millions of citizens in Latin America and the Caribbean in real time.

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