Understand How Society Changes in Real Time

The world has become overloaded with information, both online and off.

By 2025, global data creation is predicted to reach an almost unimaginable 180 zettabytes (add 21 zeros to the end!), according to advanced analytics software Statistica. This ranges from the unstructured to the heterogeneous, expressed across a complex and varied spectrum of languages. 

Such an unwieldy torrent of data is neither clear, concise, nor understandable—and more and more, paradoxically results in misinformation and skepticism.

Consequently, decision-makers often misunderstand the public’s needs and opinions amid what the World Health Organization (WHO) dubs an ever-growing “infodemic.”  

As a result, citizens feel unheard and neglected—a situation that generates a systemic lack of trust.

Structured, ethically collected AI data provides leaders the critical insights so necessary to understand real-time challenges to society as they relate to sustainability and social risk, and empower communities to enact meaningful solutions that improve lives.


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