Understand Opinions and Concerns Around Vaccines in Real Time

  • Identify rising misinformation and act quickly to prevent it from spreading.
  • Detect common questions and provide answers.

Citibeats gives you the tools to detect social early warning signs.

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Upgrading From Social Listening
to Social Understanding


The COVID-19 emergency has highlighted the social and medical risks associated with infodemics. During public health emergencies, authorities must promote policies and practices to reduce the impact of infodemics.

How can we understand the needs and concerns of our communities?

"An infodemic is too much information, including false or misleading information, in digital and physical environments during a disease outbreak."

— World Health Organization

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Citibeats' Social Data Platform


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Vaccine Knowledge Analysis

  • Detect misinformation around vaccines.
  • Interpret citizens’ questions, misconceptions, and complaints around vaccination.
  • Act quickly to respond to concerns and misinformation.

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Pandemic Infographic of map of South America

Infodemic Risk Analysis

  • Understand the drivers of acceptance.
  • Help people overcome their doubts about the effectiveness, risks, and distribution strategies of vaccines.
  • Dispel fake news.

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Brand Risk Analysis

  • Assess complaints and questions about pharmaceutical brands developing vaccines.

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Line Chart Data of Vaccines titled How are concerns about vaccine quality evolving
Trust indicator table titled where do citizens direct distrust in the conversation

Trust Indicator

  • Collect real-time, geolocalized data measuring the trust of citizens toward vaccines, vaccine brands, health organizations, and governments.
  • Anticipate where the infodemic is likely to grow.

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Citibeats’ AI Technology Features

Easily Adaptable

Anyone in your team can easily access and use the Citibeats platform.

Language Agnostic

Citibeats is the only leading platform that analyzes any language, dialect, slang, and new, local, or domain-specific vocabulary to extend your projects across geographies and communities.


Citibeats integrates and centralizes huge quantities of data for greater coverage than surveys at a fraction of the cost.


Our AI structures multilingual data in minutes to detect social development and environmental protection market trends faster.


Our models are trained on public source data for social understanding instead of brand monitoring, allowing for greater precision, coverage, and meaningful analysis of social development and environmental protection market trends.


We specialize in incorporating underrepresented groups through our curated communities in developing countries, bias reduction, and noise reduction. Citibeats interprets collective data to protect individual privacy and only allows platform access to causes with a positive social impact.

See how Citibeats provides public health understanding during COVID-19.


The WHO Experience:

WHO and Citibeats: Early AI-supported Response with Social Listening

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